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An evening with the Artist – St. Gabriel the Archangel

On December 11th, I had the honor of previewing “The Annunciation” at St. Gabriel Parish.  Over 100 wonderful souls braved the cold and freezing rain to spend the evening viewing the art and to a participate in a discussion around its inception and production.

I am constantly amazed at how each person that looks at a piece of art can see something completely different from someone else.  People will view it from as far back as possible, to take it all in, or as as close as they can get, hands touching the art.  It’s inspiring and moving to witness.

Whether child or adult, the perception of the images will vary as the person in the imagining.  I look forward to the next viewing and to hear and see the reaction to the art.

Gabriel gave Mary a choice.   She said yes.  I am so glad she did or this mural would not exist.

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