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Work the Metal

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I’ve done quite a bit of painting in my career but the most detailed narrative will not produce the reaction of a trompe l’oiel work. Even while I was painting it people would ask if it was carved. And they just have to touch it to convince themselves it’s not. Very fun and interactive art.

Work the Metal is an elaborate boutique in Louisville’s Butchertown Marketplace. It is a renovated warehouse that once was a packaging company for laundry detergent. It now houses shops and offices and is always turning itself into something new. When the owners added a new wing to the shop they found this concrete lintel. They wanted their name on it of course but wanted it to look as though it where discovered there during the reconstruction.

We must have done a good job because the reaction to it is still remarkable. Shoppers still reach up to touch it when they think no one is looking and sometimes so do I.