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The Sparrow and the Sky

Some of us think that we don’t have anything to offer. We don’t read a lot or understand the latest trends, we only like pop music or metal bands and would rather read a comic book than a novel. We like our lives, our work and our friends but when compared to the outside sphere of chaos we feel quite small. Our story would underwhelm the world. That’s what many think. I see it during interviews when one or the other feels they have nothing to contribute. They’re wrong. When under the microscope they feel their lives are too humble and they just can’t see that these simple things are the best things.

We sit at the dinner table and they tell me of their day at work and the music they love and the church they attend. “If everything was up to him the house would be decorated in Star Wars.” and they laugh. “Well, Batman too.” And for every self deprecation from one, affirmation comes from the other. They hold each other up during the entire conversation gentle witnesses to each others life.  And then the evening is over. You can see in their faces that they aren’t convinced they’ve contributed very much but you know they have. They’ve told you all you need to know – that they love each other.

The sparrow flies through a winter sky in lifts and falls on the unseen waves. Her flight an orchestrated precision with each push of wing each rest. The sky holds the sparrow tightly as if only his embrace would keep her aloft. He sends warm gusts to lift her, fills with rain so she may drink, sends cool breezes to refresh her and storm clouds form if anything threatens her. But we know without the sparrows effort, her passion to always be with him, nothing the sky can do will prevent the eventuality of gravity should she stop. He is breath and she is heart beat. Each important but inconsequential without each other. It’s an age old story told time and time again across dinner tables everywhere.