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New Work

The Sparrow and the Sky

They\'ve told you all you need to know - that they love each other.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux Icon

Doctor of the Church

St. Cecilia - The Final Note

Commissioned by Director Joey Southerland under the pastoral leadership of Father Robert Stuempel this art was dedicated at St. Bernard Parish December 5, 2009 and so named “Saint Cecilia, The Final Note.” It is oil on board 14 inches wide by 42 inches high, inspired by the music and musicians for which it was created.


Our eternal spiritual struggle

A Lamp Unto My Feet

\"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, And light unto my path.\" Words from Psalm 119:105 welcome visitors to the Fern Creek Baptist Church Library.

Demeter and Dionysus

Acrylic on wood. 20 feet long 4 feet high. A 3 part layered installation. Gods of home and harvest bring all good things to the table.

The Resurrection and the Life

Commissioned in 2006 and completed in 2009 The Resurrection and the Life is a glass sand carving 124 inches in height 104 inches wide. Designed by Patrick Sheehan and produced by Lisa Hillerich and Jim Steinbock it is a hand made, heart felt original work.

The Annunciation - St. Gabriel the Archangel

Commissioned by St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish in January of this year The Annunciation fills a space 16 feet high by 21 feet wide. In the acceptance of her role as Mother of Christ, the Life that will forever change the lives of so many is revealed.

The Message

The completed work at Saint Gabriel the Archangel Church previously entitled The Annunciation.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour begun in 2008, is based on an earlier work entitled A Simple Dinner. Much larger than it\'s predecessor Happy Hour follow the course of an evening spent in friendly conversations, raucous debates and dubious partings. It is The Last Supper served in a new venue prepared from an ancient recipe.

The Doorway

Evolution of an idea.


Floor markers based on the works of Rene Magritte.

Work the Metal

Trompe l\'oiel engraved stone for Butchertown Marketplace