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St. Cecilia – The Final Note

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Cecilia, a noble woman of Rome, lived and died during the second century under the reign of Marcus Aurelius. Her story tells of a woman of such piety and reverence that during her martyrdom she sang to God. Soldiers had attempted beheading her but had failed. Three times failed. Around her neck a remnant of cloth hides the wound that should have taken her life with the first stroke. The red hem of her cloak all that remains of the bloody encounter. She would die three days later but not before preserving her home as a place of worship.

Herein we see the power of Rome diminished – red banners, marble columns, gold trappings overcome by the passion of a young woman’s belief in the teachings of an earlier young martyr, Jesus Christ. The purity of Cecilia’s robes reflect the light of his resurrection and ascension to the true seat of power.

Cecilia quiets the harp with her hand. Her final note has played and as this last breath leaves her lips a mighty chorus takes it up. Angelic ministers of a secular world proclaim the goodness of the Word age upon age. Ancient drums, majestic pipes, shimmering strings and glistening horns add to the psalm of her resonating harp. A song sparrow, alight in the palace of the blue sky crowns Cecilia with the light of Christ. The angelic herald brings the song of the field, forest, the ocean and sky to the mighty throng. Cecilia’s final note resounding measure upon measure throughout time.

Commissioned by Director Joey Southerland under the pastoral leadership of Father Robert Stuempel this art was dedicated at St. Bernard Parish December 5, 2009 and so named “Saint Cecilia, The Final Note.” It is oil on board 14 inches wide by 42 inches high, inspired by the music and musicians for which it was created.

If you would like to purchase a Saint Cecilia Icon for your parish or the devoted musician in your life click this link for more information.
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