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Marley’s Ghost

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“Marley was dead: to begin with.”

This illustration is one of my very first major works on the Dickens classic. It was a personal piece and was produced over a series of months many years ago. It was the only thing I worked on. I could be seen waiting for my wife between classes with a fist full of Prismacolor pencils and balancing a masonite drawing board on my lap. (Was there ever a more uncomfortable way to draw?) Midnight shifts monitoring a computer would offer me a few minutes between programs and alarms to add some lines and fills. Even coffee, spilling over it, accompanied by a look of horror from my supervisor couldn’t stop me. It was a haphazard time for me and seemed that most of my work was done fifteen minutes at a time.

“This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story I’m about to relate.”

It was a passion for me I guess. I hadn’t worked on anything so diligently for so long that I was beginning to think these talents had all but left me. My life was on it’s course and nothing would change it, especially a tack that would involve art. A friend at work mentioned one morning that he had not seen me draw or even doodle for the longest time and to him it seemed such a waste. It was becoming a long dry season. But now I had this story in my head. I sharpened my pencils and worked.

It has been many years since Mr. Scrooge cringed on the floor of his rotting rooms desperately clinging to the only reality he knew. He couldn’t bare the angry light pouring from his friend, Mr. Marley. He couldn’t see the chains holding him to the earth were of his own making. He tries to defend this life he knows and holds his hand up against this tremendous love that hopes to change it. In the end we know Scrooge does listen to his friend and takes heed to the message the spirits bring. Go and live. Don’t be afraid of the light. Share your works for everyone.

“I am here – the shadows of things that would have been, have been dispelled.”

Merry Christmas!