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First Song

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These images of First Song are a mosaic of photos. Although the wall itself is quite large, 15 feet high by 16 feet wide, the space is cut in half by a loft and stairwell that made a single shot difficult.

This is the first note I sent to my client about his mural.

This idea has been a struggle but would you really want one that wasn’t?

I’ve been researching eastern religions as well as the western ones. I’ve looked every where from Karma to the Koran to Bob the big ol’ Baptist, and no matter what you call your belief, God is God. Even before the name God began to limit him, her, it. I knew this before I began the search.

And then that music hit me that night after leaving your home. It hit me deep in my guts as if I were in the waking world – standing erect to see the sun for the first time. And I wondered how they might have felt, the neanderthal, the cromagnon the close to the first sons of God. Didn’t they want to sing? I don’t know. But I wanted to.

So I want to begin there, close to the start of the world. At the center of the wall near the bottom a group of three Neanderthals huddle together not in fear, or because Conan is attacking, but because they have felt something that makes them want to bellow or purr. And what gives them this feeling is the muse of creation. The Romans named her Polyhymnia, and she cradles these four singers in her hands. Large hands and arms spreading left and right across the wall like wings with the shoulders and head at the pinnacle of the ceiling. She may have several arms. I’m still thinking.

From this foundation we build into ancient African drummers, Greek harps, Roman horns on into the modern world of music, from opera to cafe jazz. I would like to mimic the body positions of the Neanderthals in some of these musicians. If one of the Neanderthals hands look as if he were beginning to play the piano there will be a concert pianist mirroring his position. With this technique I suggest that the muse of the creation has not changed, she has been here time out of mind, but we evolve in order to meet her. Thus we climb the stairs. At the top she is there.

The drape on the muse will form bars of music, temples and flights of emotion. ( I think your spiral staircase should be painted to look like piano keys.)

This is a lot, I know, but even if I have to edit some of these metaphors I believe it could still be very powerful. The styling will be close to what I’ve done with your jazz poster. I’m not definite on color yet.

That’s what I’m thinking and will probably refine it even further.