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Eternally Correct

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What happens when you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Marble halls designed to match their upscale patrons are no place for a man clothed in brown. Yet in his heart he knows this wrong place is where he needs to be. Must be. He is compelled to rush past the maitre dā€™ and enter the black tie affair without thinking. As if in the Elysium of a dream, he glimpses the future he is struggling toward. Luxury surrounds him, but does not embrace him.

Although the patrons are disturbed they are not discourteous. They understand the look on his face ā€” they have seen it in their own mirrors. They were once made of want and drive but now are the products of achievement. They are the goals they set out to be and this room celebrates them.

The man in brown is asked to go, but a gentle look and almost unnoticeable wave suggest he may return.

This 36 by 60 inch painting had no preliminary sketches. The original sketch is under the painting. The spontaneity of this method is reflected in the final composition.