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A Simple Dinner

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Two friends, parting as their last meal comes to an end. Finishing in a toast that will settle irrevocably their divination or damnation. The last supper. An ancient tale with a new telling.

Judas, as he prepares to leave Christ’s table, reluctantly engages in a toast. His brooding, care worn eyes betray his uncertainty — the betrayer betrayed. Christ gazes back across the almost too full goblet with concern for his friend. His eyes hold Judas for a moment, delaying his destiny, and in that moment is forgiveness.

Peter attends the diners, merely checking his guests as he passes. He has the nonchalant manner of a man who knows his job well and will do it, but his confidence will be shaken with the coming of morning.

Mary of Magdala is their hostess. Too aware of what is happening, her silent appeal cannot stop the madness that is ordained to follow. She wears a red dress, not as a symbol of that ancient profession, but as a symbol of Christ’s passion being played out before her.

Or, maybe it’s just a simple dinner.