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The Falls of the Ohio

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This work originally began as a painting. I had been asked by Louisville Street Art to come up with a painting or any piece of art that contained my idea about Louisville. Growing up just a few blocks from the river I could never stay away from it. Even would drag my sister along with me even though neither of us were supposed to go near it. Rivers are scary things for parents I realize now. And nothing bad other than coming home soaked with river mud ever happened to us. It is rather peaceful on a river bank. Even when you’re a kid.

Deadlines however are more frightening than rivers. As mine approached I knew I couldn’t do her justice so I fell back to illustration. I trust she is not disappointed with the outcome. I still see her swimming by us carrying barges and steamboats, tickling the bluegill until they jump, sweeping away drift wood and leaving gifts of little shells at our feet.

There were too many art directors on this project as does happen in the commercial art world so there are two versions. In the end I do admit I like the color version as well as the original copper version. If you have a preference let us know.