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These posters a were contracted by a friend of mine, Alan Durbin. He owns a small printing company here in Louisville and has a true love of art. He also has a fondness for the city that has seen him through good times and a few bad ones I would imagine. You would never know it for the smile on his face and a dangerous fiery wit in his eyes. He gives these out every year he can as desk calendars to thank his clients for the business they do with him. But whether he gives gifts or not I believe they return to him because he is the art of his business.

The idea was originally to illustrate landmarks of Louisville beginning with the bridges connecting our river town. If the idea went over we would move on to other structures. We couldn’t really decide on a style for each particular poster so we decided to mix it up a bit in each. We thought we’d use styles that were know but may not necessarily offer the architectural aspect of the bridge. More like if Monet painted a bridge which one would he choose? What would grab Edward Hopper’s eye? Get it? So we chose and rendered, agreed and disagreed until we came up with these. A double arched beauty in pinks and blues, a counter weighted leviathan of rust, a balancing act of primary color.

We developed each building or bridge or fountain with the same idea and had some winners as well as losers, the Picasso high rises were never a hit. This course lasted for several years ending with the fountains. Unfortunately economy is a big a large part of producing art so with the slump came the end of the project. We produced several pieces that were variations on this theme and Alan developed greeting cards from the original pieces.  They sell locally and can be purchased on line.