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A Christmas Carol

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I never liked to read. I had devoted parents, inspirational teachers, intellectual friends and a myriad of influences that you thought would cause an artsy kid like me to pry open a book now and again. But I never did. It was more of a frustration for me than a passion.

I related this to my brother Doug one evening after years of not reading. He was an avid reader who had a real appetite for the written word. His house was a library of sorts. I recall his bedroom at our parents being much the same. Bookshelves lined with every genre and author but a lion’s share of history and classical works. Anyway he thought I might have taken the wrong tack when it came to reading.

After all I had grown up with television he pointed out. I was visually based, did I just figure this out? Not to mention that I was a damned illustrator for g-d’s sake. Brother Doug could be blunt. I had been influenced by the earliest animators of the day, Max Fleischer in particular. And on Sunday night The Wonderful World of Disney would actually schedule a cartoon. Wonderful! So why not read someone who’s work is full of pictures? He handed me a small paperback, A Christmas Carol. “You’ll love this.” He said.

He was right. As older brothers usually are.

So I tell my friends I learned to read when I was 26. Mr. Douglas Sheehan and Mr. Charles Dickens both late of this world were the founders of the feast. What a bountiful feast it has been. Indeed!

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